Backboard Extended Board

Backboard Extended Board


Backboard Extended version


A simple solution to fix all the parts on one single board, it cuts from the building time by easing the process of wiring and fixing that needs to be done in a GMB build

It includes

  • USB with non-chamfered borders
  • Volume wheel 3 or 5 pin available ( to use with a 3 Pin volume wheel the 2 pins from the back needs shorted, see picture)
  • Power Switch
  • Micro USB port for charging
  • L1 L2 R1 R2 buttons and coloured caps (7 colours available)
  • Front buttons stencil
  • Supports and fits the majority of the all in one board and common ground ones


Please note

The micro USB port anchor legs need to be brought a bit closer in order to fit perfectly ( micro USB port already soldered version is available )

The case will need small modifications in order to fit properly ( See pictures )

Video and written tutorial coming soon, until then I am 24/7 on Facebook so hit me up there if you need any help

A big thanks to Sergio Poverony for helping on bringing this board together

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